Best Nail Salon Services in Olathe

KV Nails & Wax is Olathe's best salon for any nail service you need. From a simple, clean, and polished look to elaborate nail art and long acrylics, we'll not only give you beautiful nails; we'll also help you relax and feel pampered. Take a break from your hectic schedule and see our friendly nail technicians.

Dipping Powder

It is not Acrylic and not Gel. It stays on your nails up to three weeks. It is stronger than Gel and it is not thick like Acrylic. When you take it off, it will not damage your nails like Acrylic does. You can put it on your natural nails or over the tips for extra length. You can pick any color or classic French look. It is odor free, no UV light or harmful primers, healthier nails alternative, vitamin E & Calcium, strong and durable, long lasting shine, looks and feel natural.

Color Dipping Powder $42
French Dipping Powder $55
Ombre Dipping (2 Colors) $60
*Cuticle Trim $6
*Manicure $10
*Make your nails longer (put the tips on) $8
*Having 5 different colors $5
*Glow in the dark $5
*Coffin, Almond, Stiletto (pointed), Oval and Lipstick Shape will be $8 extra

Soft Gel Builder

The latest in Gel industry is Gelish Soft Gel. It is strong, durable, healthy, light way and less damage to your nails bed. It is fast and easy to apply. You will never experience anything like this before. If you want a quick soft gel builder that look good, light and last on your nails; you have to try this one out...

New Set with Gel Polish $55
New Set with French $60
Fill In Color $43
Fill In French $49

Artificial Nails

Acrylic is an enhancement that is created by combining liquid and powder substances. It can be applied on natural nails as a protective overlay or over a nails tip for extra length. There are different powder colors that can be applied on the nails from clear, pink, white, bright color and glitter powder.

Reg Acrylic Full Set w/ Reg Polish $42
Regular powder with choice of regular polish color
White Tips (French) Full Set $46
Regular powder with French tips
Reg Acrylic Full Set w/ Gel Polish $53
Regular powder with choice of color gel polish
*Gel Powder or Pink Powder $5 Extra
If you have gel polish on you just want fill with regular polish there is $3 Extra for taking off the Gel Polish
*There will be $5 to $15 Extra for long and curved nails
*Also $8 Extra for Ballerina (Coffin), Stiletto (Pointed) nails, Oval nails, Almond nails and Lipstick Nails

Acrylic Fills

Regular Fill-In w/ Regular Polish (color) $32
Pink Fill $32
Included Gel Top Coat
Regular Fill In with Gel Polish $43
Powder Gel Fill $35
New Set Baby Boomer or P&W Ombre $60
Baby Boomer Pink Fill $32
Baby Boomer Back Fill $46
*There will be $5 or $10 extra for long nails.
*Also $8 extra for Ballerina (Coffin) nails, Stiletto (pointed) nails, Oval nails, Almond Nails and Lipstick Nails.

High School Special

All High School Student (with Student ID) will received $2 OFF on all services of $25 or more

12 and Under

Classic Manicure $14
Classic Pedicure $23
Gel Manicure (Color) $24
Gel Manicure (French) $30
Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure Combo $35
Hand Polish $7
Toes Polish $10
There will be $1 extra for Mood Changing Color on regular color. Designs will be extra.

Additional Services

Regular Polish Change Hands $10
Regular Polish Change Toes $13
Regular Polish Change Hands & Toes $21
Gel Polish Change Hands (w/o soak off) $23
Gel Polish Change Toes (w/o soak off) $27
Acrylic Soak Off (without service) $16
Dipping Soak Off (without service) $16
Gel Polish Soak Off (without service) $16
French or American +$6
Cut Down +$2
If you do polish change only
Remove Gel Polish to do Regular Poslish +$5